Inverter submerged arc welding machine MA-630/1000/1250


1.suitable for manual welding/carbon arc gas gouging/submerged arc welding

2. Automatic selection for panel & remote job mode.

3. Welding current/voltage/speed can all be present ans displyed digitally.

4. More suitable for various welding procedure with arc voltage compensa-tion.

5. Protection functions:over-current,over & under-voltage phaseerror and over-load,etc.

6. Selection for tractor travelling mode and diretion.

7. Various adjustment of welding head site.

8. Automatic selection for cold start and hot start.

9. Crater with wire burning back and retracting various monitoring techno-logies.

MZ series automatic submerged arc welding machine is an high reliable product absorb mational & overseas advanced invert

technology. Consist of SP series arc welding power source and ST series tractor. Capacity for resisting voltage- function is

excellent  (±15%). They are suitable for for steel structure welding.(δ≥5mm) 

Technical data: